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Columbia Slough Watershed Council

Northeast Ainsworth Habitat Corridor

Northeast Ainsworth Habitat Corridor

Join us and our partners as we come together to install a native habitat corridor on Northeast Ainsworth Street. This pilot project seeks to improve and beautify the right-of-way along Northeast Ainsworth Street between Alberta Park and Fernhill Park.

We’ll be planting native shrubs, rushes, and grasses in the medians on Northeast Ainsworth Street to create habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife in our watershed. This project is funded by the City of Portland’s Neighborhood to River program.

Help us make this project a reality! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at or call 503-281-1132.

Join us for a Stewardship Saturday event where we’ll be creating the first installation of the NE Ainsworth Habitat Corridor with community members. Sign up here!

Project partners

Project partner logos - Wisdom of the Elders, Audubon Society of Portland, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland Bureau of Transportation