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Columbia Slough Watershed Council


Buffalo Slough Business Stewardship

Fostering stewardship with businesses in the watershed

Much of the land in the Columbia Slough Watershed is an industrial zone, which creates significant challenges when trying to improve water quality and habitat. By partnering with businesses to help care for natural area buffers near their properties along the slough, we can ensure these areas are not neglected and prevent degradation over time.

The Columbia Slough Watershed Council partners with Pacific Power and their employees to restore a natural area along the Buffalo Slough near one of their operations facilities. Volunteer stewards like these employees are important to maintain these sites in the watershed. It is also a great opportunity for local businesses to give back through regular service days or build teamwork through activities with their employees.

Thanks to initial seed funding from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District and maintenance funds from the Port of Portland, the Council continues to expand its industrial stewardship portfolio to capitalize on restoration on private lands. Reach out to our volunteer coordinator at for more details on how you can help steward the Columbia Slough!
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