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Columbia Slough Watershed Council


2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Leardership and Achievement Award Winners

Leadership Awards recognize extraordinary and long-term individual commitments to the watershed. Recipients are honored at our annual Slough Celebration event.

2016 Leadership Award Winner

Brenda Demaree, Purdy Community Engagement Team

brendapurdy people

Provided three years of leadership work with Purdy team to improve the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area through a variety of conservation tasks. Exemplary leadership in bringing their manufacturing plant to zero waste to landfill practices and no VOC paint production standards.

2016 Achievement Award Winners

Achievement Awards recognize extraordinary projects or project-related efforts. Recipients are honored at our annual Slough Celebration event.

Lower Slough Refugia Project

lower slough

Engineered and installed log jams in the lower slough for endangered steelhead, Coho, and Chinook salmon seeking refuge from the strong currents and predators in the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.
Recognized project winners: Dave Helzer, Fred MacGregor, Nadine Meyers, Melissa Brown and Peter Hesford with the City of Portland - Bureau of Environmental Services; Greg Morrill and Clayton Solberg with Bergerson Marine Company

Vanport Mosaic Festival

Broadened awareness to the history of Vanport, including the people who lived there, the institutions of the community, the reason for its existence and its end with the flood of 1948. The festival offered a myriad of experiences and opportunities for the public, students, and historians to learn about this important part of the watershed’s history.
Recognized project winners: Laura LoForti, Damaris Webb, and S. Renee Mitchell

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