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Columbia Slough Watershed Council

Slough 101 Workshop

Slough 101 Workshop

Saturday April 06, 9:00am - 1:00pm

What’s your watershed all about!? Find out at Slough 101 on April 6th!  This free, hands-on workshop will provide participants with a wide overview of the Columbia Slough Watershed’s relationship to environmental, social, and economic issues in North/Northeast Portland and Gresham. We will explore a variety of topics, including:

* Geological characteristics of the area
* Indigenous perspective of history and natural resources in the watershed
* A booming region: business in the watershed
* Flood protection initiatives
* Underground treasure: groundwater resources
* Current environmental challenges and restoration projects

We will explore the history of Indigenous Peoples on The Slough, the unique character of the Slough, and the environmental challenges and opportunities of the Columbia Slough and its Watershed. You’ll learn about soil and sediment in relation to water quality, how the Slough has changed over time, and what those changes mean for fish, wildlife, people and businesses. Open to everyone interested in learning more about the Columbia Slough Watershed!

Open to everyone interested in learning more about the Columbia Slough Watershed.

Workshop presenters include representatives from:

The Columbia Slough Watershed Council
The City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
The City of Portland, Portland Water Bureau
Multnomah County Drainage Districts
Grand Ronde Tribal Member Greg Archuleta
Columbia Corridor Association

With hands-on activities to let you:

Study macroinvertebrates (water bugs) that live in the Slough.
Test for water quality by assessing oxygen, temperature, and pH levels.
Simulate and predict aquifer conditions with an interactive groundwater model.
Discover a beautiful hidden part of this unique waterway through a short tour.

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Pre-registration is required for this free workshop.
Light refreshments will be provided. Suitable for adults and teens 14 & up.


McKinstry Co.
16790 NE Mason St
Portland, OR 97230