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Columbia Slough Watershed Council



OFB Autumn Harvest

As a non-profit organization, we know our greatest asset is YOU - your enthusiasm, volunteer time, knowledge, and financial support keep us thriving. Your contribution this year will help us continue programs and activities in our watershed for years to come. Donations to the Council are tax-deductible as provided by law: our IRS Tax Identification number is 03-0456181.

Yes! I want to support the Council!

You may also mail a check directly to:
Columbia Slough Watershed Council
7040 NE 47th Ave
Portland, OR 97218

What can we do with your donation?​
♦ $5 - Two trees to plant along the Slough
​♦ $10 - Coffee for 12 volunteers at a winter tree planting event
♦ $20 - Two pairs of rain boots for kids on field trips
♦ $30 - 4 shovels for planting trees
♦ $40 - 1 month of our donor management software that keeps us running!
♦ $60 - 1 tank of gas for the Slough Truck, which we use to tow canoes to community events
♦ $100 - 1 bus rental to bring 40 kids on a Slough field trip
♦ $250 - 4 truck loads of garbage from the Slough to the dump
♦ $500 - Take 28 kids on a free canoe ride

Holiday Special!

Image of calendar pages

For a limited time, you can receive the gift of our 2020 Local Wildlife Calendar with your donation of $20 or more:
♦ 1 free calendar with $20 donation
♦ 2 free calendars with $35 donation
♦ 3 free calendars with $50 family supporting level donation

These calendars make awesome gifts for your friends and family! Pick up your calendar while supplies last at our office or at Gresham City Hall Main Floor Front Desk-1333 NW Eastman Parkway! Please call 503-281-1132 or email after you donate to arrange pick-up.

More Ways to Support the Slough!

Register Your Fred Meyer Rewards Card

Are you a Fred Meyer customer? Support the Slough just by getting groceries! Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million each year - up to $625,000 each quarter to community organizations - make this support go to work for your watershed! All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and use it when you shop at Fred Meyer. By registering your card you are helping decide what these funds support.

To register your card visit: Register and then add Columbia Slough Watershed Council as your Community Rewards organization. Search for organization number: 83957

Sponsorship Opportunities

Deepen your impact and become a Council partner through Sponsorship.
Visit our sponsor page for more information.
Questions?  Give us a call at: (503) 281-1132 or email