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Columbia Slough Watershed Council


Council Members

The Council’s board members meet once a month to govern the Council and vote on key decisions. To learn more about board member roles, check out the description and application to be a board member. Space is currently available for new board members.

Resource Description
Council Board Member Job Description
Board Member Position Description
Council Member Application
Board Member Application


  • Ron Wierenga
  • Mark Hansen


  • Travis Skidmore
  • Stu Ticknor
  • Meei Lum
  • Corky Collier


  • James Davis
  • Troy Clark

Government Agencies

  • Reed Wagner
  • Lisa Appel
  • Kathy Shearin
  • Nancy Hendrickson

Neighborhood Associations

  • Erwin Bergman
  • Linda Robinson


  • Bob Dolphin